About Ruddinn

Ruddinn is an music artist from Hafnafjordur Iceland.   The music of Ruddinn is a mix of electronic songs but with portions of indie rock guitar based tracks.  

Ruddinn has released 5 albums to date, 'Ruddinn' (2006), '2' (2008),  'I need A Vacation' (2011), 'More Music Than Music' (2017) and 'Pétur (2020).

Ruddinn started out as a solo project but matured into collaboration with Heida Trubador for 'I Need A Vacation' and even more on 'More Music Than Music'.   Ruddinn did a collaboration with Solosonic (CA)& Jed (UK) with the song 'More Than Emotion' (2019).

On the new album 'Pétur' there are a few musicians on deck.  Svavar Knútur (IS) provides vocals on 2 songs, 'Sunset' & 'Eureka'.  Nicole Carino (US) sings on 'Fear of Nothing', 'Venom' & 'End Of Times' and provides backing vocals alongside Svavar on 'Sunset'.   Ruddinn sings with Nicole on the 3 tracks.   Lara Luu (UK) provides main vocals for 'Through The Wormhole'.   To add some spice to Ruddinn´s sound, the producer Frosti Jónsson (IS) added some elements and personal touch.  Frosti also did the mixing and mastering.    Jed Stephens ( a stable in Ruddinn´s output) co wrote one of the songs with Ruddinn & Frosti).

Ruddinn is working on more material these days.