'Pétur' (2020)

..The new one..

Pétur' is the new Ruddinn album issued through URD-MUSIK.

Featuring Svavar Knútur, Nicole Carino and Lara Luu on vocals alongside Ruddinn

All music written by Ruddinn & Frosti Jónsson. The song 'Sunset' written by Jed Stephens, Ruddinn and Frosti Jónsson.  This album was produced, mixed and mastered by Frosti Jónsson.

'More Music Than Music' (2017)

..More and tigther collaboration..

'More Music Than Music' was a further collaboration with Heida Eiríks.   This album features the first Ruddinn song in Icelandic, 'Gullna Ströndin' with brilliant lyrics by Heida. 

Album was mixed and mastered by Aron Þór Arnarsson, except 'Party Like A Local' - mixed by Jed Stephens.

The album was released only digitally through Möller Records.

'I Need A Vacation' (2011)


The third album named after the title track was a radical change for Ruddinn as Heida Eiríks joined in for vocals on 9 of the 11 songs and co wrote a few. 

Jed Stephens played bass on 2 songs 'Too Distant For Us' & 'Not The End Of The Road' . Elvar from Hellvar played bass on 'Cover The Distance'. Gunnar Sigurðsson played bass on 'The Bitter Reality' 

The song 'Music Theory' was played frequently on Radio 2 Iceland - so far Ruddinn´s best radio success.  

2 songs from the album were featured in 2 US films, the song 'Cover The Distance' was featured in 'Old Fashioned' and 'Music Theory' in the film 'Far too Far'.  Album was mixed and mastered by Aron Þór Arnarsson, except 'Too Distant For Us' - mixed by Jed Stephens, and 'I Need A Vacation - mixed by Óskar Páll Sveinsson. 

Album was physically distributed by Record Records.

'2' (2008)


'2' was issued in 2008. It was an improvement over the first album, soundwise and contentwise.  

The song 'No Song' was featured in the US TV Show S.W.A.T.  in 2017.    The same song is featured in a remixed version by Jed Stephens. 

The album was mixed and mastered by George Kant.  The album was distributed physically by 12 Tónar in Iceland and in the UK by Lakeland Records.

'Ruddinn' 2006


Ruddinn was the first release in 2006.  200 initial CD pressing is out of stock.  More demo than a prober album but you have to start somewhere.